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Since my heart attack, I find it a bit harder to finish my novel. The ideas are there, but it's tougher to get it on page. I know how it is going to go and where I want to take it. I did finish writing the last chapter in the book in about two days. That chapter just seemed to flow out. And the best time I know to write is after I have read my bible, and talk to God through my prayers.

I do try to study the bible, and I do use it in my writings, as you will see in my novel and stories. But I use it much like C.S. Lewis' Narnia series, but with now talking animals, and some of it in an unknown galaxy. It was the reason I call this the World of Strangers and Pilgrims.

I'm in the middle of publishing a two story collection on Amazon Kindle only. I thought it would be a good test run to see how this self publishing thing works. The Novel will be published through another distributor, Ingram Spark. It will be published as a hardcover and eBook first.

I am already thinking about my second novel, and I'm thinking about actually starting it just so I don't forget my thoughts. I don't know if it will be a sequel as one might think, but about one particular character introduced in the first novel. It would start off when he was young, and end about where the first novel leaves us. The character in question, has been talked about by my alpha reader about how it would be a good story of just him. It would be a space gangster type story.

Public speaking of any sort is not my talent, or thing. I don't enjoy it, perhaps in small groups I can talk about things. But I do enjoy writing and will continue to write these stories. Maybe they will not be any good, but it doesn't stop me. It is an enjoyment, and more of a hobby than anything.

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