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There is a new short novella book coming out soon, entitled, GODFATHER OF THE GALAXY, and will be published only through Amazon and also available Kindle Unlimited, But the website will also be updated.

The World of Strangers and Pilgrims is more than just a book series. I am looking at it as a whole in this entire universe these stories are being told. This entire universe will be the World of Strangers and Pilgrims.

Here is a list of a few things that will take place soon.

  1. The Publication only through Amazon of the new novella or book based on one of the characters of CONFLICT WITH SHADOWS.

  2. Updating the website to focus on the stories contained within the World of Strangers and Pilgrims and not just the main book series, but the offshoots as well. It will get a new front page design and an introduction to the next projects I am working on at the bottom.

  3. There will be more to the website like interviews from various sources online. I will also be trying to set up a media kit for myself that one can download if interested.

  4. New stories and tales in the podcast of old-time radio dramatizations and hopefully some interesting sermons and the like.

  5. In the bookstore, look for different products that have to do with the Strangers and Pilgrims Publishing, which will be sitting on the shelves there.

I would like you to consider and pass along to those who might be interested, to like my Facebook page.

Just click the picture to find the page. The more likes I get on the page the better design and such I can connect to the page itself.

All the stories that are written for the Strangers and Pilgrims Publishing site, will be for teens and young adults. Not all, however, will be pure science fiction. Most will fit within the timeline of the universal world I have created. I have several projects I mind that I want to work on in the future, and I tend to go directly from one to the other with hardly any rest. I do rest a bit between projects while I am making sure the stories get out there properly, and I do enjoy working on the publishing aspect as well as the writing.

I hope you take the time to sign up for updates with me and follow me on several social websites.

God Bless,


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