What I don't believe in

Here is a list I do not believe in or that it is right as a Christian. These 3 things have been on my mind of late.

  1. Megachurches. Most of these tend to use false teachings of prosperity gospel in order to gain members. They don't bring in the lost, they steal from other churches. Plus I think it more like entertainment than learning about His Glory.

  2. Female Pastors. Men and women were created different and were therefore given different roles. The Bible does not give the role of pastor of leaders in the church to women. Not saying their roles are less important or cheapened in anyway; their roles are just different.

  3. Multi-versions of the Bible. The only inspired translation of the word of God is the King James Version. The other versions seem to cheapen God and I think many believe that God changes with the times. NO. God it the same now as when He was in the beginning. He does not change for us, we change for Him. And it is the easiest to read according to the Flesch-Kincaid. And it is the only one not to have a copyright attached to it. Think about it. Changing of the words to mean something completely different. And the NIV takes away complete verses all together.

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