Things I don't agree with

1. Megachurches, I don't agree with. They tend to preach false gospel, use a changed version of the bible. They are more like going to a weekly concert, making you feel good, for they tell you want you want to hear.

2. Female Pastors. The bible does not give that to women. They have their part to play and there are something things women cannot do better than a man; and there are somethings women can do better than men. Women are natural nurturers and react more on emotion. That is just the way God made them. If anyone can show me in the bible, King James Version, the only bible I believe to be translated with true inspiration from God, that women are led to be leaders in the church, I will look at everything again. And I am not talking about Esther, or she was a queen.

3. Those who give themselves titles, such as apostle. I see this mostly in those trying to write books on how to live the Christian life. I don't read these book, for the only book I need is the Bible. The apostles are dead and there are no more. I think its something to make themselves look good and important to others. Its a false image.

There may be more, but these have been on my mind of late.

Good cheer my friends.

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