The Way of Cain


I am putting out a two story collection only on Amazon Kindle. It will only have around 2 stories and will only cost .99 cents. I am trying to get it available toward the end of February or sometime in March. Hopefully, a date will be set soon. There will be a link to the ebook once it is ready to be preordered.

Putting out these two short stories, which will be in the novel, were actually written as separate stories. If you read these story, I hope you enjoy these stories.

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There are new products out dealing with the new stories and novel to be out soon. It is a poster and a

puzzle of a map to be used in the Way of Cain story and more heavily in the novel series. There is also a new polo shirt style with the Strangers and Pilgrims logo on it.

Check it out HERE

Also, feel free to comment on any announcement or blog that is put up.

I would like to know what you think.

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