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Since it seems that statues and monuments are once again the cause for all this civil unrest make sure you get ALL the statues, not just of white folks. Otherwise, you do nothing but continue to inspire hate. Dems are using this George Floyd thing to inspire hatred to divide and destroy this country by way of racism. They call Trump Hitler, but they are the ones inspiring violence and who want socialism. Hitler was a National Socialist. In other words, this is all political folks.

I understand the protest against the cop who killed George Floyd, and now the cop is in jail on second-degree murder. So from the rioting on, it became about hatred. Now all police are bad, whether they be black or white, and you want to get rid of all authority. Saying that all cops are bad because of a few bad cops, is like saying that all black folks need to pull up their pants; I mean it's ignorant.

It needs to stop. Stop seeing the hatred. Stop trying to change history. I would have thought the black folks would be proud of everything they have overcome. Instead you remain servant to the ways of the world. Everyone is a servant, whether you think so or not. It all depends on who you serve. The world tends to serve Satan by their actions and their words. They may think they believe they are doing God's work, but not the God of the bible's work.

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