Opening Snippet

This is the opening snippet from the novel. It actually takes place several years before the actual story within the book. Read and enjoy and comment below. Be sure you subscribe.

With his hands in cuffs and his leg in shackles, Jonah sat in the back of the prison transport heading to Black Star, the Alliance secret dark prison. Just because he had been labeled a terrorist Jonah was not given a trial and no chance to prove otherwise. He never considered himself a terrorist. An assassin for hire, perhaps and probably fit the description of his line of work. How he got here, he really had no idea, so he had had the time to think it out. The only way he could have been captured he had finally decided, was that he had been set up.

Jonah was very good at his job of choice, so good that he could have never gotten himself captured on his own. In fact, no one in galactic society knew what he looked like. The only description that had ever gotten out to the Locals was the color of his eyes. "They were shiny blue, so light that is look like glass", was the exact words used. For a long time he had been on the Alliance's most wanted list; classified of course.

His mind switched to just who could have set him up. He had been captured on Tiere, the capitol world in the Alliance. Simon Kohl, one of his few trusted informants, was on Tiere. He was a short, little seedy looking man who believed himself to be one of the intelligent elite. He could see Simon ratting him out to someone for fear of his own life, but Simon wouldn't set him up alone. But he was the only lead so far that he had.

His target had been the Senator of Chotis. He was not a high priority target, so the security for him was minimal. It was going to be an easy job. And thinking about it now, it had been too easy.

He had lined up the sights on the sniper rifle to the head of the senator making his way out of the Alliance Senatorial Building. It had been evening, and Jonah had placed himself directly across the building five blocks away. There would be plenty of time to get away when the job was done. Before the senator disappeared around the corner, he pulled the trigger and the senator fell. It had been easy and quiet. As he began dismantling the rifle, the door of the room he occupied, burst open and the Locals came through the door, guns out of holsters and pointed at him, followed by an Alliance Agent.

The Agent's name was Jon Vega, and Jonas knew him. He knew him because this Jon Vega had been after him for nearly two years now. And now he seemed to have him. "You finally caught me, Vega. Someone had to have turned me in," he said to him.

Jon Vega stood the as the cuffs were being placed on his prisoner. "Wish we knew," Jon replied. "It doesn't matter, you're not going to be free anymore in this lifetime."

Now, he was being transported to the Black Star. He placed his right hand inside his left, took his thumb and started digging hard at his wrist. It was so hard, that drips of blood began seeping out. Jonah was not going to be going to his secret prison. Soon a slit formed in his wrist just above the blood vessels, and he used his thumb to slide out the hidden skeleton key he had stored there many years ago. Quietly he flipped on the key's power, and placed it close to the cuffs computer, and it searched for the cuff combination. A few moments later, the cuffs snapped open., and Jonah did the same to the shackles.

The single guard sitting across from him with the rifle, had started falling asleep. The shackles had been attached to the flooring if the shuttle, but had fallen away when he had them turned off. So he jumped at the snoozing guard, his elbow crushing the guards neck. The guard gave an uppercut to him, knocking him back. As Jonah fell back, he grabbed the pistol from the guard's side holster, and shot the guard in the face before the guard could react again.

The guard slumped, and fell over dead.

As Jonah stood up, he heard the announcement over the speaker. "Coming out of hyperspace, now. Twenty minutes to Black Star docking. Get the prisoner ready, Case. He is nearly out of our hands."

Jonah smiled to himself. He made his way to the pilot's cockpit, and slid open the door. Out of the viewport, he saw the Black Star in the distance. The co- pilot looked up, and before he could say anything, Jonah shot him in the neck. The Pilot switched on the distress signal, just before he died. Jonah pulled the pilot from his seat, and took over. Soon the transport shuttle had turned around and vanished back into hyperspace.

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