No dogs go to Heaven

I love animals, and they were created by God for man and the earth. I have cats, and I have had some that have died, and I know it hurts when one dies. Been there. But he fact is that heaven was made for man, not beast.

"Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?" - Ecclesiastes 3:21 kjv

And if dogs go to Heaven, think of all the fleas that will follow, but I don't think they do. Heaven was not created for animals, but for the Bride, which is the Church. I know the bible talks about fiery horses, but those tend to be spirit horses coming from Heaven. We should be stewards to animals and treat them well, for they were but here on this earth to serve man.

Recently, I found myself in a conversation about dogs in Heaven, then onto that movie Heaven is for Real; about a 3 year old boy in a NEAR death experience. That is my thought. So my thought is this. If the boy had a NEAR DEATH experience, how did he see Heaven when the only way to see Heaven is to have physical death and be in your new changed body of perfection? To a 3-year-old, it might have seemed like Heaven. This was the only proof anyone had that they tried to convince me that Animals to go to Heaven. Not from the Bible. Amazing what people believe.

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