Mega-churches and more...

People seem to be running more toward these so called mega-churches. These churches are large, have multiple campuses in which to watch the sermon, and they tend to preach what the people want to hear and not what they need to hear.

They also tend to use multiple translations of the bible. The King James Version (authorized) is the closest to the original text. I believe the other translations just water it down and change with the times to make people feel better than themselves.

Example of watered down translations of the bible.

Here is an example of what I mean to the right. I found this image on Facebook and actually posted it myself. It just seems that these mega-churches tend to serve the masses and not God. And teaching some kind of works salvation, when all you need to do is to believe that Jesus Christ died and rose from the grave. And once you are saved you cannot loose it. You can backslide and live like the world, but you will never lose it.

Another thing I don't tend to understand why people call themselves "apostles", when they are all dead. I think giving oneself a name like that is a self righteous act, pride, and are in it for the money. And I don't believe that the bible gives precedent for women to be pastors or preachers, or leaders of the church. I believe they have their place in church like teachers and things like that. I grew up hearing that when a woman takes control of a church, it's because the men have failed in their duties within the church. Also, churches have gone liberal and invited the world into the church. They got people believing that God changes with the times, which is a false perspective and teaching. God does not change with the times or with each generation; God stays the same.

There will be more to come here. Perhaps talk about the biggest mega-church of all, that of catholic; we all know they have it wrong. Anyway, I gotta go. \

Enjoy the next week.

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