Faith in Politics

A lot of people, even those calling themselves Christians, will tell you that God does not belong in government or politics. I believe God belongs everywhere, especially government. And in today's world it seems that every other religion is okay in our government, but Christianity. I truly believe that the liberal democrats hate anything and everything that doesn't fit their own wants and lusts, that they will destroy this country. They say we have to be more tolerant, but they themselves have no tolerance for anything moral, Godly, or anything that they doesn't fit their views.

They cheer for passing laws to kill babies, yet they claim they are Christians. They obviously have never read God's word the Bible, for it will tell you when life begins.

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, [and] I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Jeremiah 1:5 KJV

Life begins with conception. My associate pastor used this analogy: Adam's rib, Satan's fib, woman's lib. It fits perfect for this situation. Just because it's legal, doesn't make it right. It is an evil deed.

It's like this LGBT thing, which homosexuality is evil. Yes, God still loves the gay person, but hates the sin of homosexuality. Believing in this trans-sexual thing just shows how ignorance and sin combine together to form this belief that gay is God's plan, when it is obviously not. It is one reason some people, I think, people read different translations of the bible; ones that will compliment the way of the world.

Anyway, I get off on different rants I think about while I am at work. I do believe the democrats no longer have God and country in mind. I just read that they allowed illegals to vote. They actually want socialism, which will take away your freedom in this country, There is one thing to remember, The USA is not mentions in Revelations, so this country may already be destroyed by then. Wh really knows the truth. The way the Democrats are heading now, they will shout for joy the day after the Rapture. They will probably think they won. They will only have 3 and a half years to enjoy.

More rants to come soon. Wait till I get on Mega Churches.

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