December Cover of the month

Authors are not allowed to

Pay any agency to increase your votesExchange cash in return of votesSending out messages through the contact form of AllAuthor to ask for the votes. (Spamming through contact forms or ask a question option in author profile is strictly prohibited

All the authors in violation of any of the above-listed activities will hereby have their cover deleted from the Contest without any prior notice. The final decision to remove the suspicious accounts and the votes rest with AllAuthor. AllAuthor is not responsible for any loss of the authors due to the consequence of the violated terms, either in terms of money or reputation.

What is considered under fair voting?

Invite friends and family to vote for your cover.Reach out to your readers/fans through social media and emails to vote. Share the contest on social media any number of times.Use word of the mouth promotions.Create a blog post and other PR activity.Run small giveaways programs to promote the book cover but you can't offer benefits to each and everyone. [No big monetary benefits in the giveaway]

The above mentioned points are just few fair ways of contest promotion. You can also use your own promotional strategy, keeping our voting guidelines in mind.

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