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I have come across several authors on Amazon who have published short stories, not only on Amazon Kindle, but also in paperback. Prices vary, and the most expensive one I have found was a 44 page book for $5.99. I heard a bit of the audio and read some of it and it is very good. I know follow him as an author now. Click HERE for his website. He is working on other projects as well.

This is the cover for my new paperback which is out now. It is a 44 page book and cost $3.99 and has free shipping with Prime members. It is a custom created cover, so for that, it is only available in the United States. But don't for get there is also a Kindle Edition for only $1.99.

Well, I made it back from my vacation and have started working on my novel, finishing it up. Then onto another project.

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