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Using Bible stories for Modern work is great. While a lot of people would probably use is more subtle, I tend to be not so much. Below is a sample from my novel. It is first draft material.

Kief held back, and watched as the stag bolted straight into Lesh, just as he turned. Lesh rolled under the hooves and over the kill. The stag kept running and disappeared into the trees. Kief moved quickly to his friend and saw the blood on his chest which was being spit up from his mouth. Lesh was still alive. "Help me, Kief."

He reached down to help him, then saw Lesh's eyes widen. Behind him, Kief heard the voice again. "This is your accident. The moment you have been waiting for."

He turned around to see the Dark Seraph standing there, then he looked down at Lesh. Lesh shook his head, choking in fear at what he saw. With the shadowy figure of the Dark Seraph speaking to his friend, he knew something was wrong.

The shadowy figure spoke. "With this kill, you could have everything you ever wanted; the wife, the child, the lifestyle." Kief looked back down at his friend, and he knew Lesh knew. The figure continued, "No one would ever be the wiser. You would be the comforter to his wife, the father to his son, and a hero to the people. He cannot be healed. Take the rock and end his misery."

He looked down into his hand, and saw it cupped a sharp rock. Looking back at his fallen comrade, he watched the fear in Lesh's eyes widen, and he lifted the rock over his head. The Dark Seraph leaned in to whisper in his ear. "Do it."

At that moment, Keif felt his raised arm, gripping the rock, come down hard on his friend's head. Lesh was silent from then on. Kief turned and the shadowy figure was gone. In the distance, he saw another figure, two of them.

Two more hunters from his village hat witnessed his actions, and Kief knew what would happen then. The two called his name, and Kief stood up, and ran the opposite way, heading upward toward the mountain top. What he was going to do, he didn't know. He was going to get nothing, but death if he went back to Janish. He felt sick to his stomach, his legs only stopped when he knew he was too far away to be followed. What seemed like many hours, Kief finally found a cave near the mountain top, there he went in and hid. He laid down in the dirt floor of the cave, and fell asleep.

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